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Walk-In Tub with Hydromassage System

Emerald Walk-In tub Theraphy Systems

Invigorating Hydro Jet Massage

Enjoy a vigorous, focused massage as water sprays out of 10 state-of-the-art, individually adjustable, strategically placed jets, targeting specific areas, such as the lower back, hips, legs and feet.

Revolutionary new "Green Heat Energy System," utilizes the heat expended by the motor to warm the circulating water, whereas a traditional pump's excess heat needs to be dissipated by a noisy cooling fan. This process of harvesting the inherent "free heat" from the motor eliminates the need for a loud fan and reduces the energy required to function by up to 60%, ultimately saving on energy costs and minimizing impact on the environment.

1.   Handheld Shower Wand
2.   Built-In Grtab Bar
3.   Huntington Brass Rapid-fill 5-Piece Faucet Set
4.   Easy-turn Drain
5.   Slip-resistant Textured Floor
6.   ADA-Compliant 17" High Contoured Seat
7.    Ten Adjustable Hydro Jets
8.    Contoured Neck Rest
9.    Stainless Steel Piano Door Hinge
10.  Ergonomic Door Handle
11.  Easy-touch Controls
12.  Guaranteed Watertight Door Seal


  • 10 state-of-the-art water jets
  • Water jets are individually adjustable for a fully customized bathing experience
  • Ultra-quiet pump powering water jets is quietest in the word (less than 5 dB(A) ambient noise)
  • "Green Energy" pump maintains water temperature by recirculating heat back into walk-in tub water
  • Easy-touch controls adjust overall jet strength

Faucets and Fittings

  • Speedy-Fill high-quality, 5-piece chrome faucet and showerhead set
  • ADA-compliant for use by seniors and people with disabilities
Standard Features Other Standard Features
A Step Above the Rest
*  6-inch door threshold
*  Guaranteed leak-proof door
*  ADA-compliant 17-inch high seat
*  Textured anti-slip floor
*  Contoured tub seat and back rest
*  Huntington Brass Speedy-Fill ADA-compliant
    chrome faucet set with retractable handspray
*  Polished steel interior grab bar
*  Welded stainless steel frame with
    ample floor and seat support
*  White or bisque high-sheen gel-coat finish
    over woven fiberglass body
*  Westbrass cable actuated drain
    and overflow kit
*  Two easy-access maintenance panels
*  Right-hand or left-hand door
*  Stainless steel door hinge and
    ergonomic door handle
*  Six adjustable leveling feet to ensure
    door seal integrity
*  Extension kit that can fill in 60-inch space or
    be cut to tailor the fit to less than 60 inches
*  Ozone purification system for automatic
    sanitization of the air and/or
    hydromassage systems
*  Shower slide bar for taking seated or
    standing showers
*  3/4" Temperature mixing valve to
    ensure desired water temperature and
    a 50% faster fill time
*  Aromatherapy system uses all-natural
    essential oils
*  Bathing pillow open-cell, easy-to-clean
*  In-Line Heater for Platinum and Emerald
     models only
*  2" Drain line for 70% faster drain time

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